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Taking the plunge

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Taking the initiative to start writing my own design blog, almost runs hand in hand with me going freelance, and carving a niche for my design in the industry. I’ve walked away from “The Man”, and the security of a regular salary to explore the opportunities of within design.

Shortly after handing in my resignation and officially becoming self-employed, I met with PR guru, Craig Rodney, who gave me the mental challenge and push I needed to kick start my freelance endeavor. He showed me a short, entrepreneurial You Tube video , which made me beam with excitement at the prospect of making a go of it alone.

The simply animated video reminds one of what you wanted to become when you were a child, awakening your feelings for wanting to be special and make a difference. When looking back at those thoughts, I find it very interesting to try to combine those childlike ambitions with my business model.

For the most part, I want to create a design channel for clients that will target their needs and deliver a fast, effective product. I offer clients a direct communication link with a designer who will meet their design brief within their budget. Time and money are important to any business, but so is design. I’d like to show prospective business partner how these can be combined to work for them.

When introducing myself to others, I am now able to label myself a ‘designer’… not just of graphics, corporate identities, branding, web and publishing, but also events, photography, interiors, jewelery and art… but an all-round creative individual.

Using a freelance resource has many benefits:

  • You, the client, are my number one priority. There are no miscommunications involving your brief, delays encountered due to the agency ‘broken telephone’, and you have a direct relationship with me, your creative.
  • As your freelance resource, I become your brand ambassador, ensuring that the quality of work delivered meets your brand specifications and remains consistent.
  • A mutual respectful relationship forms between a freelance resource and their clients. Both parties realise the value in one another, so disappointing outcomes are avoided.

I am excited about being a freelance resource, and will be posting some helpful information through my blog about how design can be used as a successful tool within your business.